We understand the preparation of a wedding is often hectic.  Therefore, we promise that your live music arrangements with us will be your last item of concern on the list.

Most of the wedding music services on the market act as agencies that further engage session musicians.  The McCadden Place Collective is nothing like that.  We are the same people who rehearse and perform together.  From the very beginning, you will be in discussion with a member of the band directly, who will help define the theme of the music and ensure that every request for your special day is fulfilled.  This not only eliminates room for miscommunication, but also eliminates unnecessary agency fees.

Given the scarcity of space in Hong Kong , MPC specialises in cosy weddings.  Our set up is extremely compact and will sit well with any venue.

Previous Wedding Gigs

April 2011, The Peninsula Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui (KA, SC, JL, DM)

January 2011: The American Club, Central (KA, SC, JL, DM)

January 2011: Western Market, Sheung Wan (KA, SC, JL, DM)

November 2010: The Sheraton Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui (KA, SC, JL, DM)

September 2010: Ballroom, Celestial Heights, Homantin (KA, SC, JL, DM)

January 2010: The Sheraton Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui (KA, SC, JL, DM)

November 2009: Taichung, Taiwan (KA, SC, JL, DM)

July 2009: Heichinrou, Causeway Bay (KA, SC, JL, DM)

August 2009: The Four Seasons Hotel, Central (KA, SC, JL, DM, TC)

June 2009: The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Happy Valley (KA, SC, JL, DM, TC)
- The MPC performed at the inaugural Hong Kong Jockey Club Wedding Fair

May 2009: Gold Coast Hotel (TC, SC, JL, DM)

February 2009, Choy Fook Royal Banquet, Lee Theatre Plaza, Hong Kong (TC, SC, JL, DM). View photos of the gig.

December 2008, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong (TC, SC, JL, DM)

November 2008, The Peninsula Hotel (TC)

September 2008, Island Shangri-la Hotel, Admiralty (TC).

June 2007, Kowloon Nikko Hotel, TST (KA, TC, JL, DW)

May 2007, Grand Capital Banquet Hall, Shatin (KA, TC, JL, DW)

May 2007, Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel, TST (KA, TC, JL, DW)

April 2007, L16 Café & Bar, Admiralty (KA, TC, JL, DW)

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