The McCadden Place Collective comprises:


Stephen Chan graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) of the Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles in 2003.  He has worked with pop artists Kevin Cheng, Nikki Chow, Joyce Cheng and can be seen on recording credits of albums such as "The Past is Best Preserved in Memory" as a house musician of LG Music.

Drums/ Percussion

Joe Lung found his calling when he began drumming in 1999.  He resided in Beijing for a year in 2000 playing the local circuit with mainland rocker Cao Bin.   Joe Lung’s former projects include “Space Monkeys”, “Centaur”, “Sway Dog”, and “In Our Veins”, which earned him exposure at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre, the Hong Kong World Trade Centre and on commercial radio.  He has been a full time drum instructor since 2001.   


David Ma started playing bass in 1996 and attended the Bass Institute of Technology (BIT) of the Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles in 1998.  He was the bass player for Whalebone, Cyan VIII, Helter Skelter, Charisma, Popcorn and DSC for various periods and has performed in Hong Kong, Taipei , Zhuhai, Guangzhou , Seoul , Maldives and Los Angeles to audience from 3 to 3,000.  His performance credits also include mainstream artist recordings and television commercials.  David Ma was the outstanding bassist in the Warehouse Band Competition in 2000, an instructor at Tom Lee Music Hong Kong from 2000 to 2001, and was inaugurated to become a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong in 2008.  Besides the MPC, his other active project is rock band RICEMAGNET which he co-founded with Taiwan singer-songwriter Yi-Ching Chung in 1999.


Kenneth Angus graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), Recording Institute of Technology (RIT) and Guitar Craft Academy (GCA) of the Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles in 2003.  He is a full time instructor, recording engineer and guitar luthier and also regularly shops demos to record companies.

MPC Collaborators


With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Calvin Lai plays the soprano, alto and tenor saxophone covering all styles with particular focus on funk and jazz.  His performance credits diversely range from private functions to indie rock shows.  Calvin Lai has passed Grade 8 Saxophone of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examination.  He has also studied with Australian saxophonist Blaine Whittaker and Brazilian saxophonist Paulo Levi.  Previously a member of the “Brandenburg Saxophone Ensemble” and the “Friends Big Band”, Calvin Lai now maintains a busy schedule between playing in the MPC, the “Upstairs Saxophone Ensemble”, and the combo jazz band “Sooner or Later”.

Vocals / Dance / Dance Coach

Ada has over 10 yrs of belly dance performing experience in the UK and Hong Kong. Well-known for her authentic improvisation skill into both classical and new age interpretations, she has been invited to perform at numerous stage shows, cabarets and festivals, including recently the Trafalgar Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Premiere for National Geographic, functions for the Conservative Party, the London Mayor and regular appearances at restaurants and clubs in London, including Ayoush, GoGoush, Maison Touaregue, Momo Lounge. See also Ada's blog for more information.

A copy of our presskit may be downloaded here.

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